Final seminar of the research project PtH4GR²ID on 21 January 15.00 - 17.00.

With varying numbers of 70-90 simultaneous participants during the video conference, the seminar was a great success. For all those interested and those who registered but could not attend, you can find the slides presented in the library section of the project website The final reports of the individual work packages will also be uploaded there towards the end of February.

We thank you for your participation and interest!
27-Jan-2021 11:42:22

Heat pump days 2020

We would like to draw your attention to another upcoming interesting event. The third part of the Heat Pump Days will take place on 28 January. You can find more information in the flyer.
19-Jan-2021 05:11:30


Final seminar of the research project Pth4GR²ID on 21 January 3 - 5 pm.

How to you join the Final Seminar:

If you would like to attend the final seminar, please send a short informal e-mail with your name and organisation to by 10 am on 21 January at the latest. You will receive the joining link via email before the seminar.
12-Jan-2021 02:24:16


Invitation to the final seminar of the research project Pth4GR²ID on the 21st of January 3 - 5 pm.

Online videoconference, the link to join the meeting will be published on the project website

Use of power-to-heat applications with heat pumps based on flexible tariffs:
1. Introduction (Prof. Philippe André, Ulg/Bems)
2. Possible development of HPs in the GR and flexible tariffs (Barbara Dröschel, IZES)
3. Analysis of the load shifting potential: simulation-based and field tests (Daniel Schmidt, TUK GST)
4. Impact on the Grid (Prof. Wolfram Wellßow, TUK ESEM)
5. Economic feasibility in the residential building stock (Dennis Aldenhoff, TUK RE)

There will be time for questions after the presentations.
14-Dec-2020 12:59:55

Publication in the Journal Energy & Buildings

The journal Energy & Buildings publishes in November 2020 (Vol. 226) an interesting article linked to PtH4GR²ID project under the name

“Influence of Thermal Energy Storage and Heat Pump Parametrization for Demand-Side-Management in a Nearly-Zero-Energy-Building using Model Predictive Control”.

The article by the authors Steffen Bechtel, Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi, Frank Scholzen, Jean-Régis Hadji-Minaglou and Stefan Maas is available through our library under “Other Publications” or under the following DOI .
15-Sep-2020 11:20:39

Project presentation in the UNISPECTRUM magazine of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

The article about the project PtH4GR²ID in the UNISPECTRUM of the TUK called

“Forschungsprojekt PtH4GR²ID: Die Evolution der Wärmepumpe – reaktionsfähig, vorausschauend und sparsam geregelt”

concisely presents the contents and objectives of the research project. The article is available in our library under "Press Articles".
03-Sep-2020 12:49:00

Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the project

The project is proceeding as planned. Conferences and seminars all have to be postponed or cancelled for the time being. Furthermore, alternative possibilities in the form of video conferences and webinars are being examined.

We will report about all news concerning upcoming events and the project on this page.
15-Apr-2020 12:23:29

Workshop in addition to the TRNSYS experience seminar in Kaiserslautern

The workshop will take place on the second day of the TRNSYS experience seminar in Kaiserslautern (9-10 March 2020). If you are interested only in the workshop and are not already registered for the TRNSYS experience Seminar, please send an e-mail to:

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the TU Kaiserslautern!
02-Jan-2020 11:56:24


Welcome to the new website of the project PtH4GR²ID

What's new?
Take a look at the overview to get a first impression of what the project is about.
For a more detailed overview of the various fields of action please check the page “Action”.
Press articles, reports, detailed information and results can be downloaded from the “library” page.
News, dates and other information are also published regularly.
12-Dec-2019 01:24:39