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Peer-reviewed Journal Papers


  • Hoffmann, Sabine, Eleanor S. Lee, Andrew McNeil, Luis Fernandes, Dragan Vidanovic, and Anothai Thanachareonkit. 2016. "Balancing daylight, glare, and energy-efficiency goals: An evaluation of exterior coplanar shading systems using complex fenestration modeling tools." Energy and Buildings 112: 279–298. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enbuild.2015.12.009.


  • Lee, Eleanor S., Xiufeng Pang, Andrew McNeil, Sabine Hoffmann, Anothai Thanachareonkit, Zhengrong Li, and Yong Ding. 2015. "Assessment of the potential to achieve very low energy use in public buildings in China with advanced window and shading systems." Buildings 5 (2): 668–699.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/buildings5020668.
  • Tauscher Helga, and Raimar J. Scherer. 2015. "Specification of complex visualization configurations using hierarchically nested mapping rule sets." Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon) 20: 40–50. www.itcon.org/2015/3


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  • Lee, Eleanor S., Sabine Hoffmann and César Clavero. 2014. "Examination of the technical potential of near-infrared switching thermochromic windows for commercial building applications." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 123: 65–80. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.solmat.2013.12.017.


  • Lee, Eleanor S., Xiufeng Pang, Sabine Hoffmann, Howdy Goudey, and Anothai Thanachareonkit. 2013. "An empirical study of a full-scale polymer thermochromic window and its implications on material science development objectives." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 116: 14–26. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.solmat.2013.03.043.


  • Hoffmann, Sabine and Erwin Trommer. 2009. "Bauphysikalische Herausforderungen einer gebogenen Fassade." Fassadentechnik 09 (5): 17–19.


  • Pültz, Günter and Sabine Hoffmann. 2007. "Häufigkeit sommerlicher Überhitzungen: Wie aussagekräftig sind Simulationsergebnisse auf Basis der Testreferenzjahre (TRY)?" Bauphysik 29 (2): 99–109. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/bapi.200710016.


  • Hoffmann, Sabine, Christoph Geyer, and Oliver Kornadt. 2004. „Sommerlicher Wärmeschutz eines Mehrfamilienhauses aus den 50er unter Berücksichtigung des Nutzerverhaltens." Bauphysik 26 (4): 189–196. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/bapi.200490050.

Other Publications / Conferences


  • Kimmling, Mathias and Sabine Hoffmann. 2017. "Influence of PV-powered thermoelectric surfaces for user-individual radiative cooling on the cooling energy demand of buildings." In Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics (NSB), Trondheim, Norway, June 2017.
  • Kimmling, Mathias and Sabine Hoffmann. 2017. "Preliminary study of thermal comfort in buildings with PV-powered thermoelectric surfaces for radiative cooling." In Proceedings of the Improving Residential Energy Efficiency International Conference (IREE), Wollongong, Australia, February 2017.


  • Hoffmann, Sabine, Helga Tauscher, Andreas Dengel, Shoya Ishimaru, Sheraz Ahmed, Jochen Kuhn, Carina Heisel, and Yutaka Arakawa. 2016. "Sensing thermal stress at office workplaces". In Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Human–Environment System (ICHES), Nagoya, Japan, October/November 2016.
  • Boudier, Katharina and Sabine Hoffmann. 2016. "Heated and cooled chairs for office use." In Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Human–Environment System (ICHES), Nagoya, Japan, October/November 2016.
  • Hoffmann, Sabine and Katharina Boudier. 2016. "A new approach to provide thermal comfort in office buildings: A field study with heated and cooled chairs." In Proceedings of Indoor Air Quality Ventilation & Energy Conservation in Buildings (IAQVEC), Incheon Songdo, Republic of Korea, October 2016. Best Paper Award.
  • Kimmling, Mathias and Sabine Hoffmann. 2016. "Development of a PV-powered thermoelectric partition for user-individual radiative cooling in office buildings." In Proceedings of the World renewable energy conference (WREC), Jakarta, Indonesien, September 2016.
  • Boudier, Katharina, Massimo Fiorentini, Sabine Hoffmann, Raghuram Kalyanam, and Gergios Kokogiannakis. 2016. "Coupling a thermal comfort model with building simulation for user comfort and energy efficiency." In Proceedings of the Central European Symposium on Building Physics (CESBP) and BauSIM, Dresden, Germany, September 2016, 481–487.
  • Kalyanam, Raghuram and Sabine Hoffmann. 2016. "Visual and thermal comfort with electrochromic glass using an adaptive control strategy." Paper presented at the 15th International Radiance Workshop (IRW), Padua, Italy, August 2016.
  • Kimmling, Mathias and Sabine Hoffmann. 2016. "PV HEAT: Simulation and experimental validation of a photovoltaic domestic hot water system." Paper presented at the TRNSYS Experience Seminar, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Februar 2016.


  • Boudier, Katharina and Sabine Hoffmann. 2015. "Komforterhöhung und Energieeinsparung im Büroumfeld durch Klimastühle." In Tagungsband Bauphysiktage: Bauphysik in Forschung und Praxis, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Oktober 2015.
  • Hoffmann, Sabine, Andrew McNeil, Eleanor S. Lee, and Raghuram Kalyanam. 2015. "Discomfort glare with complex fenestration systems and the impact on energy use when using daylighting control
." In Proceedings of the Advanced Building Skins Conference, Bern, Switzerland, November 2015.
  • Tauscher, Helga, Sabine Hoffmann, and Björn-Martin Kurzrock. 2015. "Integrating foreign studies within the constraints of European harmonisation: A BIM e-learning course." In Proceedings of the 43rd Annual SEFI Conference, Orléans, France, June 2015.
  • Hoffmann, Sabine and Eleanor S. Lee. 2015. "Potential energy savings with exterior shades in large office buildings and the impact of discomfort glare." In Proceedings of  Building Science and Technology  (BEST4), Kansas City, USA, April 2015.



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  • Bauman, Fred S., Thomas L. Webster, David Lehrer, Edward A. Arens, Hui Zhang, John Goins, Darryl J. Dickerhoff, Stefano Schiavon, Sabine Hoffmann, Tiefeng Yu, David Fannon, Mark Perepelitza, and Krystyna Zelenay. 2011. "Advanced Integrated Systems Tools Development and Performance Testing." In Final report to the California Energy Commission (CEC) Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program. Berkeley: Center for the Built Environment, University of California.


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