Water Infrastructure Ressources (Institute)

Smart & Wise

Smart and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure systems for our future cities in India and Germany

project term: 03/2018 - 03/2022

project process: siwawi, rewa


funding: BMBF


  • Ingenieurbüro Scheer (IBS), Oberstdorf (D) 
  • tandler.com GmbH (TAN), Buch am Erlbach (D)
  • Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company Limited (TWIC), Chennai (IND)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai (IND)

The overall project goal is to support the implementation of reliable and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure systems (WIS) with added value for smart cities. Systematic planning methods and tools will be developed to face current and future challenges on three levels; conventional, advanced and smart WIS. Research on advanced level involves integration of decentralised and resource oriented approaches in planning processes as well as improved water pollution control. Smart WIS research provides interfaces for WIS integration in smart city planning. Synergies between WIS and city planning will be investigated and highlighted because they are motivating factors for implementation of smart WIS.

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