Water Infrastructure Ressources (Institute)


Efficiency of measures to reduce phosphorus emissions from urban areas in Saarland

Project duration: 07/2019 - 03/2020

Processed by:tectraa

Persons in charge:


  • Entsorgungsverband Saar (EVS)

Project partners:

  • Entsorgungsverband Saar (EVS)
  • Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection, Saarland


Despite the progress achieved by realization of EU water framework directive, monitoring results in the water bodies show, that phosphorus reduction is still not sufficient in many water bodies to achieve the guide value of a good ecological status.

Fort the evaluation of the effectiveness of measures to reduce phosphorus emission from urban water areas, a simplified balance of point sources from wastewater treatment plants and combined sewer overflows for all water bodies in Saarland will be realized. Measures consider operational optimization of phosphorus precipitation as well as construction measures for further retaining of particular phosphorus in wastewater treatment plants.

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