Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering


material testing

Frozen soils testing in true triaxial shear device
Uniaxial and triaxial compression tests on frozen soil
Swelling and shrinking of cohesive soils
Material behavior of partially saturated cohesive soils
Material behavior of partially saturated sands
Large triaxial tests at low confining stresses
Penetration tests on sands at different relative densities
Consistency of cohesive soils in field and laboratory tests
Soil characterization
Beam bending tests on clays
Determining rock properties using resonance test gauge

Extraterrestrial soil mechanics

  • Development of simulants
  • Shear behavior at low stresses
  • Penetration in soils


Standards and recommendations

Eurocode 7 (DIN EN 1997)
Eurocode 8 (DIN EN 1998)
DIN 4017
DIN 4018
DIN 4019
DIN 4084
DIN 4085
DIN 4149
DIN 4150
DGGT Working Group 1.4 "Soil Dynamics"
DGGT Working Group 1.6 "Numerical Methods in Geotechnics"

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