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  • Research (Seismic Analysis and Design, Experimental Tests and Experimental Verification of Analysis/Desgin (Structural and Mechanical) , Probabilistic Safety Assessments, Innovative, Adaptive and Smart Materials)

Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI)
Aircraft Impact and Crash Analysis and Testing
  • Vibration Measurements and Forecasting, Human-Induced Vibrations, Vibration Absorbers, Measures for Vibration Protection, Shaking Table Tests at TU
Vibration Measurements and Forecasting
dynamic trial elastomeric bearings
Shaker (Dynamic Excitation) at TU Kaiserslautern
vibration absorber (Taipai 101)
Shaking-Table at TU Kaiserslautern (KIMA) - Simultaneous horizontal and vertical excitation
  • Dynamic Analysis and Design, Base Isolation, Vibration Measurements, Rehabilitation / Strengthening
  • Structural Health Monitoring, Damage Detection, Vibration Monitoring
Machine Foundations: Vibration Measurements and Base Isolation
Machine Foundations: Determination of dynamic load


  • Linear/Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structures and Mechanical Components

Aircraft Crash


  • Development of innovative Materials and Systems (Adaptive and Smart Materials and Structures), Response Control Systems (e.g. Dielectric Elastomers, Adaptive Mass Dampers, Active und Passive Vibration Absorbers, Bearings and Systems for Base Isolation)

dielectric elastomers
viscous damper


  • Modeling of Materials und Programming, Implementation FEM

Ductility of DUCON
reinforced concrete under impact load
  • Program und software development (for static and dynamc structure analysis)

  • Probabilistic and Risk Analysis

    • Risk Analysis and Assessments
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Seismic Margin Assessments (SMA) and Fragility Analyses
    • Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)
    • Probabilistic Demand/Capacity Investigations
    • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis,(PSHA)

  • Presentations and lectures


  • Expert Opinion Reports and Damage Assessments

Machine Foundations: investigation of damages
simulation model turbine table