Structural Analysis and Dynamics


iDynamics is an app for teaching and learning purposes. With this app, any vibration and vibration measurements and system identification analyzes (e.g., frequency and attenuation determination) can be performed. In addition, the app can be used to monitor the status of Structural Health Monitoring. Thus, changes in the dynamic properties of the structure (e.g., due to damage) can be detected and evaluated.

The use and use of the "iDynamics" App is intended and intended exclusively for teaching and learning purposes. The app will be further developed as required for the aforementioned purposes. Other uses of the app outside teaching, especially for legally binding and binding measurements as well as commercial use, are not permissible or excluded.


If you find bug or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Contact: arthur.feldbusch[at]

The iDynamics App is now available on the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store:

Google Play Store: Download

Amazon App Store: Download

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