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Junjuan Zhou M.Sc.

contact details

Phone: +49(0)631 / 205-3408
Fax:+49(0)631 / 205-3905
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 14
Room 14/303
D-67663 Kaiserslautern

education and professional career

07/2016Research Assistant at the department Resource Efficient Wastewater Technologies at the University of Kaiserslautern and tectraa
03/2015 - 11/2015Master Thesis at Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB with the topic “Degradation of Diclofenac in waste water by a dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor”
05/2014 - 10/2014Internship at water chemistry laboratory in BASF in Ludwigshafen, assisting of research and pilot implementation on polymer additives, e.g. anti-scalant and anti-foulant for seawater desalination processes on reverse osmosis membrane
10/2012 - 11/2015Master program of “Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering” at the University of Stuttgart
08/2012Summer internship at Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, assisting of design urban sewage system and rainwater sewer pipe with AutoCAD
04/2012 - 06/2012FH Diplom thesis at instrumental analysis laboratory in Fachhochschule Lübeck with the topic of “Characterization and quantitative measurement of fatty acids in rapeseed oil with GC­FID and GC­MS”
03/2011 - 07/2012FH Diplom studies of environmental engineering at Fachhochschule Lübeck
10/2010 - 12/2010Internship at Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, assisting of Shanghai air pollution control monitoring task, mainly detecting PM, SO2, NOX concentration in large industrial plants
09/2008 - 02/2011Bachelor studies of chemical engineering at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai

membership in professional associations

  • German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA)