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Master / Bachelor Theses

Unit of Real Estate Studies

Final assignment

If you wish to write your thesis real estate studies, please contact us. Topics should relate to asset management, property management, facility management and real estate development. Theses are supervised by Prof. Dr. Björn-Martin Kurzrock and a research assistant.

Note for students: Please note the rules of citation and the instructions for writing an exposé under Downloads.


Currently advertised topics at the unit of real estate studies:

  • Possibilities and limits for digital real estate and facility management
  • Probabilistically based determination of life cycle costs of residential buildings
  • Facility services for housing companies
  • Processes as a tool for facility services - acceptance, incentives and introduction (this work may be accompanied by a GM service provider)
  • Warranty and response times in operation as a start-up service for facility service companies (this work may be accompanied by a GM service provider)
  • Commissioning management as the basis for contractually compliant operation of buildings and facilities (this work may be accompanied by a GM service provider)

 Further information

We are always open to suggestions for topics on your part. Please contact the appropriate research assistant with your topic suggestion:

The specializations of research assistants are:

Dennis Aldenhoff
Incentive systems for energy modernisation
Energetic neighbourhood concepts

Jonathan Rothenbusch
Digitization of real estate 
Documentation and due diligence

Konstantin Schütz
ML and AI in real estate
Data and documentanalysis

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