Construction Material Technology

Building materials and repair measures in historic preservation


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Breit
Dr.-rer. nat. Elke Koser

Study courses

BI (M.Sc.)
FM (M.Sc.)
LA BT/HT (M.Sc.)


Lecture (2 SWS), optional

Summer term

2 CP

Dates and location refer to KIS


Concepts, preservation / preservation of monuments, categories, damage mechanisms (especially salts and moisture), inventory (peculiarities of the monument), building diagnostics, repair planning, masonry / natural stone restoration, restoration, injection and grout, subsequent waterproofing of architectural monuments, historic plaster facades and their redevelopment , Lehm in the preservation of monuments and half-timbering, Historic concrete / artificial stone and repair, Puzzolan / Roman concrete, project management by example, excursion


Will be announced in the lecture


Certificate of performance in Material Science I + II

Certificate of Performance, Examination, Preliminary Examination

Written examination (60 min).

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