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Presentation „Planning, construction and operation of a industrial-scale plant for phosphorus recovery" within the civil engineering colloquium

Copyright Ralph-Edgar Mohn

 Thursday 14th July 2016; 16:15-17:45

The phosphorus recovery from wastewater will gain further importance in the future due to environmental and resource, as well as socio-political reasons.

As one of the promising methods, the Stuttgart method is operated since 2012 on the industrial pilot scale on the wastewater treatment plant in Offenburg by bypass (about 5,000 to 10,000 EW EW).

Project Participants are facing various new challenges concerning the upscale from laboratory and pilot experiment-scale to full scale.

Especially for operators, it is important to deal with completely new process steps and processes and to integrate them into regular operation.

Problems, opportunities and experiences from the planning to the operation will be discussed from the perspective of the water treatment plant operator.

Further Information about the presentations in the scope of the Civil Engineering Colloquium can be found in the Flyer.

Sino-German Symposium of „Novel Materials and Techniques for Recalcitrant Pollutants Immobilization from Aqueous Media”, Shanghai January 26th and 27th 2016 (Kopie 1)

This symposium was sponsored by the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion and jointly organized by Prof. Yalei Zhang in Tongji University and Prof. Heidrun Steinmetz in University of Kaiserslautern (till 2015 University of Stuttgart). The representatives of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai and the Office of Science and Technology in Tongji University attended and made the opening remarks.

24 scientists from 18 universities and research institutes in China and Germany attended this symposium and made impressive presentations. The scientists had a warm discussion about the common issues and current techniques in water treatment, including energy and resources recovery from wastewater, biological and abiotic technologies for groundwater remediation, the degradation of micro-pollutants in water, novel materials and techniques and further topics.

This symposium succeeded in cementing the existing cooperation between China and Germany. Several coming research collaborations were framed during this symposium. This meeting was highly appreciated by the attendances which have profound significance for the next cooperation. The deeper and wider cooperation in the field of water treatment and environmental remediation are also highly expected.

Summer School „Wastewater and Biosolids Management" taking place from July 18th -23rd 2016 in Patras

The Department Ressource Efficient Wastewater Treatment would like to inform about the Summer School „Wastewater and Biosolids Management" taking place from July 18th-23rd 2016 in Patras. The Summer School's target group are public and private institutions, undergraduate, graduate students, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and generally scientists interested in wastewater and biosolids management issues.

Further information can be found on the following website:


comment from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Steinmetz about sewage sludge - ressource or pollutant?

The comment „sewage sludge - ressource or pollutant?" from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Steinmetz was published in the Journal "Wasser und Abfall" (04/2016). The identical comment can also be found on the online presence Springerprofessional .

New Publication „Potential for polyhydroxyalkanoate production on German or European municipal waste water treatment plants" by T. Pittmann and H. Steinmetz online available

We are pleased to announce that the the article „Potential for polyhydroxyalkanoate production on German or European municipal waste water treatment plants" published by T. Pittmann and H. Steinmetz with full bibliographic details is now available online until 15th June 2016.